Deluxe Bean
The “kidney-shaped” exercise seat is so easy to inflate and comfortable that you can’t make excuses. It’s actually an entire exercise system that provides a total body workout and helps relieve back pain.
Price: $50 Contact:
Source: Good Housekeeping

Stretch Casual gloves
Isotoner’s signature spandex and stretch fleece “make these two-tone gloves fit beautifully” while keeping hands dry. Pairs come in colors from Oyster to Apple Green.
Price: $30 Contact:
Source: O magazine

The collaboration between Nike and Apple continues with this watch, which controls your iPod’s music and also “triggers audible progress reports” based on sensors in your shoes. The wristband initially appears opaque and only turns black once the “LED readout” is on.
Price: $79 Contact:
Source: ID

The Fly
This running jacket “makes it easy to take on the road.” Resistant to water and wind, it weighs a mere 3.2 ounces, providing both “packability and portability.”
Price: $70 Contact:
Source: Men’s Journal

Cardio Time Elliptical
Designed by an Italian fitness company, this elliptical machine puts your gym’s machines to shame. All units from this collection wirelessly monitor your workout and feature “touch screens, AV inputs, and software for playing MP3 files.”
Price: $11,800 Contact:
Source: ID