GOOD DAY FOR: Latte lovers, as the USDA predicts that milk prices will stay flat or even drop this year, after rising 12 percent in 2007. “Milk doesn’t have too many substitutes,” said USDA economist Ephraim Liebtag. “Just like gas, you have to buy it for the family.” Overall dairy price rose 7.5 percent last year, and Liebtag sees a modest 3 percent rise this year. (

BAD DAY FOR: Making hackers mad, after researchers found that people with a lot of technical know-how could use radio waves to manipulate pacemakers and defibrillators, including administering painful shocks and shutting the devices off. The researchers only tested one Medtronic device. “Our report is a theoretical risk, not an actual risk,” said Harvard cardiologist William Maisel, the paper’s co-author. (The Wall Street Journal)