What happened
The maker of a Jessica Simpson workout video is suing the star for $10 million, saying Simpson is “hurting millions of fat people in America” by blocking the DVD’s release. Simpson signed a multimillion-dollar contract to make the video during a lull in her career in 2005, but later soured on the project. (New York Post’s Page Six)

What the commentators said
Nobody missed much when Simpson killed this DVD, said Courtney Hazlett in MSNBC’s The Scoop blog. Simpson—who was in the process of slimming down so she could fit into the shorts she wore as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie—was “a mess” on the day of the video shoot, and the material was “unusable,” according to a source close to her. “ The fitness video company, Speedfit, says fat people are missing out, but “it’s Simpson who stands to hurt the most if the tape ever gets out.”

“Jessica Simpson has been accused of a lot of things throughout her career,” said the blog Hollyscoop, “but not being fat friendly is definitely a first.” Anyone who feels lost without Simpson as their guide to physical fitness can always follow the path of last resort, and “go to the gym.”

Everybody wins in this lawsuit, said Stuart Heritage in Heckler Spray. Simpson gets some publicity for the first time in years. And you “hurt'' overweight people out there "can stop blaming your slow metabolism, glandular problem, or your genetics, and start blaming Jessica Simpson.”