What happened
Paris Hilton’s younger brother, Barron, was arrested early Tuesday morning on suspicion of drunk driving. The 18-year-old Hilton was arrested by police for weaving in his Mercedes-Benz on the Pacific Coast Highway. Barron Hilton was booked in Malibu, where his blood-alcohol level registered at 0.14 percent—the legal limit in California is 0.08 percent. He is also being investigated for carrying a fake driver's license. Barron was released on $20,000 bail Tuesday evening. (AP)

What the commentators said
“No one can accuse Barron Hilton of failing to uphold the family name,” said Gina Serpe in E! Online. But he’s still got some big shoes to fill: Paris “set the bar when she pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving last year and subsequently logged three weeks behind bars after violating her probation.”

But it seems like Paris has no sympathy for her little brother, said TMZ.com. Barron called his “big sis and pleaded with her to bail him out,” but “she said no.” Apparently, while he “was rotting away” in a jail cell, Paris “was en route to Las Vegas—where she shook her ass all night alongside Kristin Cavallari at Pure Nightclub.”

Well, at least Paris had some contact with her brother during the ordeal, said the blog Starpulse. The rest of Barron’s “family found out about his arrest through media reports.”

Barron is really lucky that things didn’t turn out much worse for him—or anybody else, said the blog Metro.co.uk. Supposedly, his car “knocked down” a gas station attendant “after driving around in circles” in the parking lot—“at one point striking” the attendant’s “leg and sending him flying over the pump.”

What we want to know is, why was Barron "drunk at 8:30 a.m.?” said the blog Defamer. The likely answer is that “he had been drinking throughout the night and into the morning hours. This, of course, worries us, as Monday night Grey Goose–binges starring the world’s most privileged minors can only spell disaster.”