GOOD DAY FOR: Changing pitchers, as Japanese carmaker Isuzu said it will stop selling passenger vehicles in the U.S., after seeing its sales fall to 7,098 units last year. Isuzu helped push the SUV into the mainstream, thanks largely to its popular TV pitchman “Joe Isuzu.” “I thought they already had stopped selling here,” said “Joe Isuzu” actor David Leisure. (Los Angeles Times, free registration)
BAD DAY FOR: Razzing the taxman, after the criminal tax evasion trial of actor Wesley Snipes ended with Snipes’ lawyer arguing that the “kooky, crazy, and loony” letters Snipes sent to the IRS are not criminal. Prosecutors are seeking a 16-year sentence. Even if Snipes beats the criminal charges, “he’ll probably spend the next 20 years working for the IRS,” said defense lawyer Robert Barnes. (Reuters)