GOOD DAY FOR: Self-actualization, after Oprah Winfrey reached a deal with Discovery Communications to launch her own cable channel in 2009. The channel, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, will combine Winfrey’s Oprah-dot-com Web site and the Discovery Health Channel. But she can’t move her syndicated talk show to OWN until 2011, when her contract with King World Productions ends. (USA Today)
BAD DAY FOR: British smiles, after dentists in the U.K. cut back on receiving National Health Service patients following an April 2006 contract change. Two-thirds of Britons see NHS dentists, but private dental insurance is getting more popular, rising 31 percent in 2006. According to a survey released today, though, 36 percent of Britons just haven’t seen a dentist in two years. (Bloomberg)