GOOD DAY FOR: A family feud, as the question of whether Toyota or Chevrolet is the top U.S. car brand comes down to a squabble over Toyota’s Scion brand. If you count Scion sales, as Toyota does, the Japanese automaker is No. 1. But Chevy’s calling foul. “You might as well count Pontiac vehicles as Chevrolet sales if you think Scion’s a Toyota,” agreed J.D. Power & Associates analyst Tom Libby. (Bloomberg in Los Angeles Times)
BAD DAY FOR: Commute communications, after a new study found that drivers talking on cellphones increase the commute time for everyone on the road. For commuters with an hour-long round-trip, chatting drivers can waste 20 of your hours each year. “People kind of get stuck behind that person, and it makes everyone pay the price,” said study author David Strayer. (AP in The Wall Street Journal)