GOOD DAY FOR: Winging it, after NBC announced that the Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien shows are going back on the air Jan. 2, with or without writers. The shows aren’t saying what a writerless format might be like, if the Writers Guild strike is still ongoing, but their producers are confident the hosts will rise to the occassion. “They’re comedians,” notes Leno producer Debbie Vickers. (The New York Times, free registration required)
BAD DAY FOR: Luddite matchmakers, as online dating site Match-dot-com is launching two new services on Facebook: a “Little Black Book” feature for Facebook members looking for love, and a “Match My Friends” service for those who are hoping their friends or family members will find a special someone. Some people “just need that extra push, if you will,” said Match’s Craig Wax. (AP in