What happened
Lance Armstrong’s daughter took her father’s new girlfriend Ashley Olsen to school for show-and-tell, Radar.com reported Wednesday. The 36-year-old champion cyclist and 21-year-old actress have become regulars in gossip columns—mainly because of the differences in their ages—since they were first spotted in public two weeks ago.

What the commentators said
Geez, Lance’s daughter is pretty lucky, said Adam K. Raymond in Radar.com. “Most little girls take Barbie dolls to show-and-tell,” but Armstrong’s kid “had the honor of taking a more realistic (though slightly less boobtastic) Barbie to her class for observation.” This kind of thing is nothing new for Lance, though. He “once accompanied ex-girlfriend Tory Burch’s son to the tony Allen Steven School on New York’s Upper East Side.”

It’s surprising that Ashley agreed to do this, said TMZ.com. “The Olsens can barely stomach being seen in public without shielding their faces.” It’s kind of cute in a way, too: “It seems like just yesterday when Lance’s new girlfriend was in grade school herself. Oh wait, it was!”

Ashley obviously “has it bad” for Armstrong, said the blog Lainey Gossip. If she’d do this, it seems like she’d do “anything for Lance.” She better be careful, though. Lance is “not exactly the guy who’ll take care of you forever.” But then again, Olsen “doesn’t look like any” of Lance’s exes. “Is Ashley the keeper?”