A vibrating glove could help steady the hands of patients suffering from tremors caused by conditions like Parkinson's disease, said Matt McFarland at The Washington Post​. The GyroGlove uses a rapidly spinning bronze disc on the back of the hand, weighing about as much as a roll of nickels and moving at up to 20,000 rotations per minute, to provide a steadying force. The effect "is akin to putting one's hand in molasses," naturally filtering out the wearer's shaking. GyroGear — the London-based startup that makes the glove — says it was able to reduce tremors by 90 percent in one test.

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The idea of using wearable devices to ease tremors appeals to patients who'd like to avoid medications and their side effects. The company hopes to begin selling the GyroGlove by the end of 2016, with plans to adapt it "for surgeons, physical therapists, photographers, or anyone seeking to keep a steady hand."