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1. Cannondale Quick ($40 and up)

Described at Men's Fitness as "practical, trustworthy, and incredibly affordable," this unisex helmet was the runner-up in a recent Consumer Reports ranking, bested only by the $130 Scott below. Ventilation is excellent, and a micro dial allows for easy fit adjustments. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Scott Arx Plus ($130)

The top-rated helmet in the Consumer Reports rundown features "multidirectional impact protection" — which manufacturers claim will reduce concussions. Though the new technology is unproven, a MIPS helmet "might be worth the extra cost." Buy it at Amazon.

3. Bell Sidetrack MIPS ($60)

Buy peace of mind by putting your child in this highly rated youth helmet, which is MIPS-equipped and has extended coverage in the rear. The PinchGuard buckle and ErgoDial fit system should keep fussing to a minimum. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Livall BH60 Bling ($120)

The Bluetooth speakers and microphone built into this smart helmet enable it to handle calls, function as a walkie-talkie, or play music. Turn and brake lights adorn the rear, and if the helmet's sensors detect a crash, it will alert your emergency contacts. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Overade Plixi Foldable Helmet ($100)

Many foldable helmets skimp on foam padding, but not the clever Plixi. When you're ready to pack it away in a bag or briefcase, its hard shell "curls inward like an armadillo," collapsing to a third its on-road size, Wired reports. Buy it at Amazon.