With the Germans barely done hoisting the World Cup trophy in Maracana, you might be forgiven for feeling a little underwhelmed by tomorrow's MLB All-Star Game. Luckily, we have just the strong dose of baseball you need.

From Babe Ruth to Cy Young, Ty Cobb to Christy Mathewson, these simple trading cards paint a picture of a time before jumbotrons and Big Gulps — heck, they hark back to a time before night games were even feasible. Between the endearingly cumbersome uniforms (are those lace-up boots?) and the sepia toned illustrations, you'll be wooed back to the slow-burn sport in no time.

Cy Young, (Library of Congress) | Babe Ruth (Wikimedia)

Joseph Wood, Tris Speaker | (Library of Congress)

Geo Moriarity, Ty Cobb | (Library of Congress)

Connie Mack, (Library of Congress) | King Kelly, (Library of Congress)

Jack Knight, Walter Johnson | (Library of Congress)

John T. Meyers, Christy Mathewson | (Library of Congress)