The World Cup isn't a time for multitasking. Warm, flat beers are remembered and sipped during half time. Bathroom breaks are scheduled for the game's end. In those crucial 90 minutes, often the only measurable productivity is the number of nails chewed down to their stubs.

Which makes illustrator Simón Prades' World Cup drawings all the more impressive. Not only is the half-German, half-Spaniard watching the games as an impassioned fan, but also as an artist eager to capture the tournament's defining plays with pen and ink.

In collaboration with The New Republic, Prades is illustrating moments of anguish and triumph on each game day for the duration of the World Cup. The sketches, completed over the course of two to five hours, are first done in ink, then scanned and colored digitally. When each day's drawing is complete, it joins the growing and vibrant timeline that is "Moment of the Match."

Prades' sketches, with their excited strokes and sprays of ink, capture the pulse-quickening movement of the games and are the perfect complement to your World Cup-watching obsession. Below are three illustrations, along with captions, by Prades. Head on over to The New Republic for more.

United States vs. Portugal | June 22 | "Portugal's equalizer was the one that mattered. But it was Jermaine Jones' assertive blast in the 64th minute which epitomized a dominating U.S. attack that had the game won for the Americans — until it didn't." (Illustration by Simón Prades / New Republic)

England vs. Uruguay | June 19 | "Luis Suarez bashes in his second goal for Uruguay in the 85th minute, all but burying England's prospects for moving on to the second round." (Illustration by Simón Prades / New Republic)

Spain vs. Chile | June 18 | "After a stunning bicycle kick by Brazilian turncoat Sergio Ramos plays the ball to him at the post in the 53rd minute, Spain's Sergio Busquets blows an easy chance, knocking the ball off his shin and out of bounds. Eliminated by a strong Chilean team, La Furia Roja, winners of the past three major international tournaments, are fearsome no more." (Illustration by Simón Prades / New Republic)

All images have been published with permission from the artist.

To see more of Simón Prades' work, check out his website. For updated "Moment of the Match" sketches, go to the New Republic.