This pooch gives the Boston Red Sox a nod with his World Series beard. | (CC BY: Mike Licht)

Pumpkin Spice coffee is very "in" this time of year. | (CC BY: istolethetv)

We're guessing Liberace (and Matt Damon, for that matter) would approve of this homage to Behind the Candelabra. | (CC BY: istolethetv)

Syfy's disaster movie Sharknado was an especially popular option. You decide: Who wore it best? | (CC BY: istolethetv)

For all we know, the illusive artist really could be this bulldog. | (Photo by Stacie Joy, CC BY: editrixie)

Miley. Robin Thicke. The VMAs. Need we say more? | (Photo by Stacie Joy, CC BY: editrixie)

Someone must have pissed this incredible bulldog off — because he's hulking out of his clothes. | (Photo by Stacie Joy, CC BY: editrixie)

This nod to Walter White is so good, it could break bad. | (Photo by Stacie Joy, CC BY: editrixie)

#TooCute. #BowWOW. | (Photo by Stacie Joy,CC BY: editrixie)

Editor's note: This article originally mislabeled the green bulldog, which is in fact the Incredible Hulk, not the "never-nude" Tobias Funke from Arrested Development as the author had so desperately hoped.