A cross spider digs into a ladybug in France. (Philippe Blanchot/Hemis/Corbis)

An egg-eater snake swallows a small bird's egg in a nest in South Africa. (Michael & Patricia Fogden/CORBIS)

A European wildcat snags a bird in midair in Germany. (Ronald Wittek/dpa/Corbis)

A hawk sinks its talons into a rabbit in Kazakhstan. (REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov)

A bobcat springs for juvenile western gulls in California. (Kennan Ward/Corbis)

A lioness panther lunges for a kudu in Namibia. (Gallo Images/CORBIS)

A leopard seal chases a gentoo penguin in West Antartica. (Paul Souders/Corbis)

Taking a chance in the shallow waters off the South African coast, an orca whale captures a sea lion pup in its unyielding jaws. (Theo Allofs/Corbis)