Plastic Bottle Debris Circle | Jeremy Underwood

Texas artist Jeremy Underwood creates sculptures from debris collected on the beaches of Houston's waterways. His
series, "Human Debris," was completed in 2012, and challenges viewers to question our consumer culture and consider the relationship we have to the environment and pollution.

Underwood cites as inspiration artists like Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy, and Richard Long, who use natural elements to create massive sculptural shapes. Underwood's creations, however, go a step further by using materials like discarded bottles and disregarded wooden objects. These site-specific sculptures are left built in the environment to be discovered by passersby.

Wood Debris Dome | Jeremy Underwood

Wood Debris Three Circles | Jeremy Underwood

Wood Debris Spiral | Jeremy Underwood

Plastic Bottle Debris | Jeremy Underwood

Wood Debris | Jeremy Underwood

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