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'Let's go, Brandon' becomes a campaign slogan in Arizona Republican's new ad

Arizona GOP Senate candidate Jim Lamon turned "Let's go, Brandon" into a campaign slogan in an ad released Monday, The Hill reports.

"If you are pissed off about the direction of our country, let's go," Lamon says over footage of President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and apparent border crossings.

"If you're ready to secure the border and stop the invasion, let's go. If you want to keep corrupt politicians from rigging elections, let's go," he continued.

As the ad concludes, the "let's go" refrain reaches its crescendo: "The time is now. Let's go, Brandon. Are you with me?"

"Let's go, Brandon" became a euphemism for "F--k Joe Biden" after a sportscaster at an October NASCAR race expressed her mistaken belief that the chanting crowd was congratulating driver Brandon Brown.

Lamon, an Army veteran and CEO of solar energy giant DEPCOM Power, is one of nine Republicans vying for the chance to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly.

Other candidates include Craig Brittain — who was the target of a 2015 Federal Trade Commission complaint that alleged he was running a revenge porn extortion racket — and Peter Thiel protégé Blake Masters, who drew attention with his announcement ad calling for an economy in which a family can survive on a single income.  

Lamon's ad is set to air statewide during Monday night's college football playoff championship game between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.