Breaking Bad came to its definitive ending last night, but if you're already having withdrawal, I have good news for you: There are five brief "mini-episodes" you probably haven't seen yet. These videos, which AMC posted to Breaking Bad's official website in 2009, were originally filmed to promote Breaking Bad's second season premiere — but since the show's popularity has grown exponentially since then, there's a good chance that many Breaking Bad fans never knew they existed. Did you know that Walt almost lost $47,000 of his drug money because of a yard sale? Or that Walt had to talk Hank out of his cold feet on the day he was supposed to marry Marie? Watch these five mini-episodes, and enjoy the last pieces of Breaking Bad you probably haven't seen:

1. "The Break-In"
Need proof that Heisenberg wasn't always a criminal mastermind? Watch this clip, where Jesse's pal Badger shows up to help Walt reacquire a vacuum cleaner Skyler sold at a yard sale — a vacuum cleaner that happened to contain $47,000.

2. "Wedding Day"
This video, which depicts Hank and Marie's wedding day, is one of the few pieces of the Breaking Bad storyline to take place fully outside the timeline of the series. A surprisingly nervous Hank — clad in a white tuxedo and cowboy hat — confesses his own dark secret to his soon-to-be brother-in-law. Walt manages to talk him into going through with the wedding anyway by arguing that breaking bad, just once, isn't such a big deal. Too bad Hank wasn't listening.

3. "Good Cop / Bad Cop"
This NSFW-ish video, which takes the form of a would-be sex tape, offers an intimate and surprisingly humorous look at Hank and Marie's antics in the bedroom on Valentine's Day.

4. "TwaüghtHammër"
This video revisits Jesse and Badger in simpler, happier times as members of the "alt-emo-metal" band TwaüghtHammër. The brief clip, which the characters intended for VH1, even includes historic footage of an adolescent Jesse Pinkman showing off his skills on the drum set.

5. "Marie's Confession"
The least illuminating of the mini-episodes stars Marie as she follows the advice of her court-appointed therapist by making a video diary. The point of the diary inevitably goes off the rails almost immediately (though Marie still feels better by the end, so maybe it served its purpose after all).

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