The trailer: TV executives have been closely following the arc of House of Cards — Netflix's enormously anticipated foray into big-budget original programming. The series is based on a universally acclaimed British series of the same name, and chronicles the political machinations of a corrupt congressman. The series cost a reported $100 million to produce, and represents Netflix's first big foray into the world of original content. (Watch the House of Cards trailer below.) Though the series features the work of an acclaimed creative team, including Social Network director David Fincher and stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, some have argued that the company overspent on the splashy series, which is set to premiere on Netflix's Instant Streaming service on February 1, 2013. Based on this first look, was Netflix's gamble on House of Cards worth the risk?

The reaction: From the looks of this trailer, House of Cards is aiming even higher than "streaming television's first great series," says Dustin Rowles at Uproxx: This could be "the first great drama since Homeland," regardless of where it airs. And Spacey is a perfect anchor for the series, says Forrest Wickman at Slate, "providing scenery-chewing fun as a Machiavellian congressman." Still, says Kevin Yeoman at Screen Rant, the real fascination is the "untraditional manner" in which House of Cards will be presented to viewers. All 13 episodes will be made available at once on February 1. If the series is a success, it may inspire an entire shift in the TV industry toward a "binge viewing model."