The video: Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar special has become a must for night owls who still want more after the marathon Academy Awards telecast. Kimmel not only welcomes an A-list guest (Oprah Winfrey, this year), he traditionally debuts a celebrity-packed comedy clip which predictably goes viral the next day. This year's effort, Movie: The Movie, is sure to join past Kimmel classics The Handsome Men's Club (in which Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, and Rob Lowe spoofed their good looks) and Hottie Body Hump Club (in which Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Biel skewered late-night exercise infomercials). The "epic" Movie: The Movie boasts a seemingly endless roster of major stars (from Tom Hanks to Meryl Streep to Martin Scorsese) in a nine-minute fake movie trailer parodying nearly every Hollywood genre and cliche. (Watch the video below.) "Four months ago, I set out to make the biggest, most star-studded film in the history of American cinema," Kimmel said, "something that packs everything moviegoers love into one spectacular motion picture movie event."

The reaction: Kimmel's hilarious post-Oscar specials have "become the best excuse to to sit through the Oscars," says Aly Semigran at Entertainment Weekly. It's hard to choose a favorite moment from this overachieving clip, says Joyce Chen at New York's Daily News, but one contender has to be "[Gabourey] Sidibe's turn as 'Black Hitler,' riding on a flaming meteor set for Earth as Steven Tyler croons into a mic and a physically disabled George Clooney attempts to save the world."  Actually, says Andy Neuenschwander at Yidio, trying to describe this "completely absurd" video is a fruitless endeavor. "You have to see it believe it." Check it out: