The story: It's no secret that iPhones are a great tool for entertaining children — and maybe even for fostering their creativity and curiosity. Fisher Price has run with that idea, introducing a baby-friendly "Apptivity" case to protect your $200 Apple handset from your baby's drool, grimy fingers, and propensity to drop things. The $15 case also has plastic handles, rattle beads, and a set of apps to amuse your toddler and improve hand-eye coordination. (See a photo below.) "As technology becomes a bigger part of everyday life, it makes sense that even the youngest members of the family are interested in taking part too," says Dr. Deborah Weber, a Fisher Price child development expert.

The reaction: Hello, baby's first Christmas present! says Lindsay O'Neil at The Lindsay List. This case is perfect: "Little ones LOVE cell phones," and now they can have the flashing lights, buttons, and chance to mimic mom and dad, while we keep our "precious" iPhones in one piece. "What's not to love"? Plenty, says Meredith Carroll in Babble. Here's the problem with this "bizarre" invention: "Just because my iPhone has games does not make it a toy." When Fisher Price does the sensible thing and adds "a plastic, fake iPhone to the mix," call me. Check it out: