The video: The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Japan has unveiled the world's steepest roller coaster. The Takabisha coaster (Japanese for "dominant") sends riders into an S-shaped 121-degree free fall, beating out the British Flamingoland's Mumbo Jumbo ride, which drops at 112 degrees, and France's Le Timber Drop, with its 113-degree plunge. (See video of a demonstration ride below). These attractions can put thrill-seekers under a G force similar to what jet-fighter pilots experience. The Takabisha's sharp dive sends riders hurtling 141 feet down at 62 mph. It takes just 112 seconds to cover the coaster's 3,281 feet of track. It cost $37 million to build, meaning the park will have to sell some 3 million $12.50 tickets to recover its investment. 

The reaction: The Takabisha coaster isn't just steep, says Sky News. It might be "the world's wildest rollercoaster ride," period. Yes, this looks "terrifying," says Rick Chandler at NBC Sports. If you dare climb on board, you'll hurtle through a "maze of crazy twists and turns that will not only cause you to lose your lunch, but perhaps be hit by that same lunch moments later." You'll definitely need "a good head for heights and a strong stomach" to conquer this white-knuckle ride's seven dizzying loops, says Melissa Thompson at Britain's Mirror. "From the screaming faces of thrill-seekers braving its maiden voyage ... it's clearly a scary experience." Have a look for yourself: