The image: Apple's iPhone 5 has been the subject of fevered speculation, and now there's a picture to help fuel even more hype. Joshua Topolsky, the former editor in chief of Engadget, posted a mockup at This is my next of what the forthcoming iPhone might look like, "based on information from a variety of sources." (See the image below.) The phone looks similar in some ways to the slender iPod Touch, but with a larger screen and a tapered back. Topolsky warns that he's just "trying to make sense of the noise" surrounding the new design. Still, he says, contrary to many rumors, there are "strong indications" that the iPhone 5 will be much more than just an incremental change from the current model.
The reaction: "I sure hope the iPhone 5 looks like this," says Devindra Hardawar at MobileBeat. Well, let's not jump the gun, says Trevor Mogg at Digital Trends. Topolsky and his crew might be right, but they also "could simply be throwing out random iPhone 5 rumors trying to churn up traffic to their new site." Or, maybe this isn't the iPhone 5 at all, says Jay Yarow at Business Insider. We might actually be "seeing early versions of what could end up being iPhone 6." Take a deep breath, says Keir Thomas at PC World. Whether this "ultra sexy" image is close to reality or not, there's one thing we can be sure of: It "pours petrol onto the flames of the iPhone 5 hype machine." See for yourself: