Kids... they grow up so fast these days. So fast, that Walmart has introduced a youth-preserving cosmetics line called "geoGirl" aimed at kids ages 8 to 12 — a demographic with an estimated $2 billion in buying power. Some commentators are in an uproar over the entry-level makeup products, some of which are touted to have anti-aging ingredients. Here, a brief instant guide:

What exactly is geoGirl?
It's a new line of 69 cosmetics products, from blush and mascara to exfoliators, aimed at the tween market. It's designed especially for young girls who want to use "real cosmetics, but with natural ingredients," says Joel Carden of Pacific World, the line's manufacturer. All products will be free of chemicals like paraben, phthalates, and sulfates, with a minimal use of synthetic colors and fragrances, a move "designed to attract parents worried about the excess chemicals in make-up," according to the Daily Mail.

What's Walmart's role here?
The retailing giant will be carrying the geoGirl line, which it says "was developed in partnership with our customers to give parents a healthier, age-appropriate option for their tween girls who ask about wearing makeup."

Where does the "anti-aging" part come in?
The line's creators claim it's formulated for fresh young skin, with ingredients like willow bark to exfoliate and chamomile to calm, as well as anti-oxidants, which reportedly prevent aging. "What next for kids? In-store Botox?" asked one "well known" website, according to the Daily Mail. "Prevent aging?" says Cindy Kroiss at "The only way to do that is to die—surely not what the marketing team has in mind." Fashionista's Cheryl Wischhover finds the concept ludicrous: "I was giggling a bit as I was reading about exfoliation, calming, and blush for eight-year-olds. I mean, your skin will never be more flushed and radiant than when you are eight."

Has Walmart carried products like this before?
Yes, the geoGirl line is replacing a defunct cosmetics line for tweens and teens from Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, though that line wasn't noted for its anti-aging components.

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