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Results: After a man was caught trying to smuggle 95 boa constrictors onto a plane in Kuala Lumpur, we asked you for a credible excuse he might have given airport security.

FIRST PRIZE: It’s just the #7 special at the Chinese restaurant in Terminal B.
Bethany Wheeling, Finksburg, MD
SECOND PLACE: This bag isn’t even mine. I borrowed it from Paris Hilton.
Jon C. Schreyach, Arlington, TX

THIRD PLACE: …so you’re saying the airline policy reads I can bring my own SNACKS?
Warren Scrivani, Raleigh, NC

We’re working up the sequel.
Bob Dalton, Arlington VA

I didn’t know they were constricted.
Matthew Meyer, Colorado Springs, CO

I couldn’t find a sitter.
Richard Christensen, Coldwater, MI

I thought they were worms!
Dennis Alltop, Bellefontaine, OH

They wouldn’t fit in my pants.
Chad Edwards, Altadena, CA

I have irritable boa syndrome.
Celeste Spaans, Virginia Beach, VA

They told me they were lawyers.
Dave Brookes, Boulder, CO

I brought them in case our flight attendant goes crazy.
Les Ackland, Coraopolis, PA

It’s Steven Slater’s severance package.
Maryellen Friedman, Chicago

I got an order for 95 boas from Oscar de la Renta for Fashion Week.
Margaret Cronin, Basking Ridge, NJ

They’re service pets. I just had trouble putting on the little vests.
Eric Lubiner, Punta Gorda, FL

They wouldn’t leave the country without me.
Marylou Hughes, Fort Pierce, FL

Yes, sir, I’d be happy to explain but first —somebody needs a hug!
Wendl Kornfeld, New York City

Oh no! That means my wife, the herpetologist, must have MY bag!
Paul Biemer, Raleigh, NC

My caviar hatched!
Ellen Williams, Georgetown, TX

Well I suppose now the piñata will have to be filled with CANDY.
Heather Hanssen, St. Louis Park, MN