Since 2002, Glenn Beck has transformed himself from a Top 40 radio DJ into one of America's most successful and controversial media figures. The 46-year-old's empire embraces highly profitable television and radio talk shows, a string of best-selling books, and a flourishing website — all part of Beck's media company, Mercury Radio Arts, which earned an eight-figure profit last year, according to Forbes. Here's a by-the-numbers look at Planet Beck:

$32 million
Total profit made by Glenn Beck's Mercury Radio Arts media company in the past 12 months

Number of full-time staffers Beck employs

Number of books released by Beck since 2007, including Arguing With Idiots and America's March to Socialism

Number of those books that hit No. 1 on The New York Times best-seller list

Number that are children's books

Cost of a two-year subscription to Glenn Beck's Fusion magazine (motto: "Enlighten and entertain")

$13 million
Annual revenue from book and magazine sales

Price of an "Insider Extreme" subscription to (including access to "exclusive documentaries")

2.6 million
Nightly viewership of Beck's Fox News show, which is co-produced by Mercury Radio Arts

Advertisers — including UPS, Sprint and GEICO — that have decided to boycott Beck's TV show based on his controversial comments (most notably the assertion that President Obama has "a deep-seeded hatred for white people")

Sponsors who've reversed their decision to boycott Beck

Number of Glenn Beck DVDs (including his "live stage show of funny, heartwarming Christmas tales")

Number of audio CDs (including Fat Fat Fatties, Unite! and Why Hollywood Is Better Than You)

$4 million
Annual revenue from online ad sales and merchandise (such as the Glenn Beck "'Restoring Honor' doormat")

$3 million
Revenue from speaking engagements and event appearances

Stations that carry Beck’s nationally syndicated radio show, The Glenn Beck Program

9 million
Weekly audience for his radio show

$50 million
Sum guaranteed to Beck by his 5-year contract with Premier Radio Networks

Age at which Beck made his radio debut on a Washington state oldies station after winning a contest

Sources: Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Daily Kos