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Tiger Woods: What the world is saying

Reactions to Tiger Woods' scandal have spanned the globe

Since the now-infamous car crash in the early hours after Thanksgiving, Tiger Woods' increasingly salacious scandal has dominated the headlines. (The story has covered the New York Post for 11 straight days.) So, with news of Gatorade dropping their Tiger drink, and speculation of other sponsors distancing themselves from Woods still in full swing, here's a look at what major international newspapers are saying about the fall of the world's greatest golfer.

Hurray for Elin!: For any celebrity, "fat bank accounts, beauty or power" mean little "when humiliation becomes a reality," argues Ann Söderlund in Aftonbladet. But unlike "Hilary [Clinton] and Posh Spice," who chose to "stay quiet, starve themselves or become female doormats," Elin Nordegren "refused to be treated like garbage." I agree with Swedish golfer, Jesper Parnevik, who introduced Nordegren to Woods, when he said, "'I hope she uses a driver instead next time'" she goes after her husband.
"I thank God for girls like Elin"

TODAY (Singapore)
He's was a hero—and he's let us down: "Many argue that great athletes owe the world nothing more than their virtuoso displays on the pitch, court, links, track or in the pool," writes David Ngiau in Today. But Tiger Woods, who has earned "millions and millions of dollars" off of fans "who want to play, dress and even be like him," is not a mere athlete "but a sports hero." And we should "expect more from our heroes."
"Woods' weak apology is off the mark"

Golf fans should stop paying attention to the scandal: This story "has been terrific fun while it lasted," says Chris Rattue in the New Zealand Herald. Of course, news organizations will continue to "ride this Tiger tale for all it's worth." For those of us "hoping he returns to golf with game intact," however, the time has come to leave the "lurid details" alone.
"Tiger needs to roar back as scandal dulls"

THE HERALD (Scotland)
The sooner he starts playing golf again, the better: This "meltdown" couldn't have happened at a worse time for Woods, says Douglas Lowe in Scotland's Herald. A "major triumph" on the golf course "would help to divert attention" away from the scandal. But his next opportunity to do so may not come until February's Buick Invitational. Fortunately for Woods, the "forthcoming championship season ... looks as if it has been designed with [him] in mind." If he's able to find "sanctuary" on the golf course, "eventually we will be back to counting the birdies he has scored on the course and not off it."
"Heard the one about...? There's no respite for beleaguered Woods"

Are there any limits to this invasion of privacy?: That Tiger Woods has "made money by presenting an image of himself that has turned out to be 'a lie'" may subject him to the "scrutiny" that comes with his particular brand of celebrity, says Lawrence Donegan on The Guardian's website. But "where does it end?" "Does buying a Nike hat entitle the purchaser to know exactly how Woods conducts himself in his private life?" If you ask me, "it is time for this voyeuristic ... examination of Tiger Woods' private life" to "disappeared to where it belonged - down the toilet of newspaper history."
"The Tiger Woods scandal reaches a tipping point"

The National (United Arab Emirates)
Even the best celebrites make mistakes: Everyone holds up celebrities "as role models," says Robert McCafffrey in The National. "But why?" Nobody's "perfect," not even "a bloke who hits a little white ball into a hole better than anyone else who's ever lived." So, despite the fact that Tiger Woods "hurt his family, and probably his head," I won't see Woods "in any different light than a great golfer."
"I'm a celebrity get me outahere"


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