The "patron saint of blog hits" is back, said Matt Hinton in Yahoo Sports. ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has taped an interview with Oprah Winfrey about the creepy peephole video showing her naked in her hotel room that hit the Internet in July. With any luck, we can now move past the "psychodrama" and focus on Andrews' "underrated professionalism" when she returns to the college football sidelines Thursday for the N.C. State–South Carolina game.

"Oprah is America," said Dan Levy in Sporting News, so her couch is the perfect place for Andrews to "sit down and tell her side of the story." She's "rightfully ticked off" about the violation of her privacy—and the paparazzi harassment that has followed. Everyone will watch when the show airs Sept. 11, "everyone will react. And then hopefully we can all go back to our regularly scheduled football sidelines."

Nobody should have their privacy violated the way Andrews did, said Tom Weir in USA Today. But going on Oprah to talk about it isn't exactly a "low-profile way of moving on." Some online critics are saying that this is a shameless ratings ploy.

You can hardly fault Erin Andrews for wanting to have the last word before getting back to work, said Natalie Finn in E!. In the interview, she reportedly tells Oprah Winfrey that the peephole video was a "nightmare" for her, and that getting back to covering the sidelines is "really going to help me heal my wounds." The "miscreant" who shot the nude peephole video can't hurt her any more. "The nightmare is behind her."