GOOD DAY FOR: Passing the glass, as the International Wine and Spirit Record forecasts strong growth in global wine consumption. The report, from a French wine trade group, said demand from the U.S. and emerging economies like Russia and China would fuel the 6 percent rise between 2008 and 2012. The report also forecasts that the U.S. will overtake Italy as the top consumer of non-sparkling wine by 2012. Italy took that title from France in 2007. (AP in Yahoo! Finance)

BAD DAY FOR: A financial bailout, after police found and arrested alleged embezzler Marcus Schrenker, who apparently tried to fake his own death by parachuting out of a plane and riding off on a hidden motorcycle. Investors accuse Schrenker, a 38-year-old investment adviser, of stealing millions of dollars they had entrusted with him. When police found him, he had one slit wrist. (AP in Google News)