13 brilliant last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

It's not too late to buy mom the perfect present

Don't panic, but Mother's Day is Sunday. I said don't panic! Even if you haven't purchased a gift yet, it's not too late to buy her a present that has meaning — and since we're living in a pandemic, you can definitely blame that on why it's getting to her behind schedule. There's no better feeling than giving a gift that perfectly captures the spirit of the recipient, and that goes double when it's for your mom. Read on for a few ideas:

For the dog (or cat!) mom
Animalist poster, starting at $68

This mom thinks their four-legged companion is as pretty as a picture, so why not turn their pup into a work of art? At Animalist, it's easy to make a personalized poster based on almost any type of dog or cat — more than 200 breeds are represented. To start, choose a breed, and then one of two designs — either the minimalist line art or bold silhouette art. From there, select background colors and the size of your poster, add the pet's name, and boom — you've got yourself a beautiful piece of art. Both designs are eye-catching, whether it's the Scandinavian minimalist line art or Art Deco-esque silhouette art, and since each poster is printed on fine art paper, they are guaranteed to last for more than 40 years. With free express shipping worldwide, expect your gift to arrive at lightning speed.

For the mom who truly, honestly has everything
Personalized handwritten letter blanket, $160

Somehow, this mom is always one step ahead, never in need of anything because she's already bought it herself. One thing she can't purchase, however, is a message straight from your heart. Let her know exactly how you feel with this personalized handwritten letter blanket, created by Diane Scaman. It's 100 percent cotton, and designed with a cursive handwriting font that is easy to read. Whether you want to use the blanket to share a memory, inside joke, or just a simple "I love you, thanks for everything," this is a thoughtful gift that is sure to make her feel warm and fuzzy in more ways than one.

For the outdoorsy mom
Nakie hammock, starting at $102

It doesn't matter if she's in the middle of a forest, on top of a sand dune, or with her toes in the ocean: Stick this mom anywhere in the great outdoors and she's in her element. With the Nakie — the world's first 100 percent recycled hammock — she can relax anywhere in nature, as long as there are two trees available for set up. Made from 37 plastic bottles, Nakie hammocks are strong and durable, and there's no need to worry about tying knots — each one comes with no-fuss straps and carabiners. Every hammock is designed to hold at least two people (up to 660 pounds), and as an added bonus, for each Nakie sold, four trees are planted.

Baby Fire Pits, starting at $39.99

The words "adorable" and "fire" don't normally go together, but Baby Fire Pits has changed that. These tabletop fire pits can be used outside — they're perfect for camping excursions — or indoors, and won't burn surfaces. The new Birdie Lights collection features fire pits that are five inches tall, in various shades of colorful pastels. The gel fuel is held inside a secure metal cradle, so they aren't messy. Make this gift even sweeter by adding on the s'mores kit, which includes marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and extra gel fuel cans.

For the mom who needs a spa day
Bathorium bath products, starting at $7

Bathorium's sustainably-sourced bath products can help transform this mom's bathroom into a sanctuary. The fizzy bath bombs are slow release, ensuring that the party isn't over right away, and the bubble elixir (try the BePure, a soothing combination of lemongrass and cucumber water) will let her soak away the day's stress.

The Beauty Cloud Beauty in Bloom facial box, $85

The Beauty Cloud's curated boxes have everything necessary for a do-it-yourself facial, and the Beauty in Bloom set is a great way to get your mom's skin ready for the summer. There are step-by-step instructions explaining when and how to use the strawberry soufflé exfoliating cleanser, CoQ10 rejuvenating toner, and clay mask, as well as samples of hydrating body lotion, lip balm, and a packet of wildflowers to plant as a reminder of this gift.

Ashley Black's Beginner Kit, $139

This is one way for the spa-loving mom to have a body treatment every day, instead of just during one short (and pricey!) appointment. The kit's three tools work to blast fascia, and when rubbed vigorously on the skin, help with tissue regeneration. This can treat everything from muscle and joint pain to wrinkles, and is safe for use on the face and all over the body.

For the mom who says "Don't get me anything"
Anchor of Hope Box, one-time gift box $36, with monthly subscriptions available

Whether she wants you to save money or isn't interested in finding space for another candle, when Mother's Day comes around, this mom is always quick to say, "Don't get me anything!" Ignore her. No one can say no to giving back, and with each purchase of an Anchor of Hope box, that's exactly what you'll be doing. The boxes are handmade by women refugees and survivors of human trafficking, and include three artisan-made goods — expect everything from jewelry to spices to ceramics — as well as educational cards about the items and the women who crafted them. You can buy a single box, or sign up for a subscription to get one every month.

For the mom who loves a glass of bubbly
2016 Coles Valley Vineyard Blanc de Noir, $44

The versatility of sparkling wine can't be beat — it's just as delightful in the morning during brunch as it is following a late dinner. The Great Oregon Wine Company's 2016 Coles Valley Vineyard Blanc de Noir is one of those drinks that works any time of day, due to its smooth finish and right amount of effervescence — it's definitely bubbly, but not at all overpowering. A glass of this could very likely spark a trip up to Oregon's Umpqua Valley for some in-person wine tasting, and why not — May is Oregon Wine Month.

Drop It, $19.98 for two bottles

For some, the sulfites and tannins in wines can trigger headaches and nausea, making them regret that glass of merlot. While Drop It can't help anyone who overindulges — it's not a hangover cure — this 100 percent-natural wine additive does get rid of the sulfites and tannins, allowing people with wine intolerance and sensitivities to once again enjoy some pinot. All it takes is a few drops, and after about 25 seconds of swirling, the glass is ready to drink. Drop It doesn't change the flavor of the wine at all, and each small bottle can treat up to 55 glasses.

For the mom who adores shiny objects
Bond No. 9 eau de parfum, starting at $150

If it sparkles, shimmers, and shines, this mom's gotta have it — and if she's also the scentimental type, a bottle of Bond No. 9 eau de parfum is the perfect fit. There are some bottles that have clean and simple designs, but that won't work for the mom who loves bling — she needs one of the limited edition versions. Encrusted in Swarovski crystals, these beautiful vessels are works of art, and make a statement on any dresser or vanity. New York Nights, with its gardenia-patchouli-sandalwood notes, is a warm and powerful scent that really does evoke the city that never sleeps, while the mom who loves florals will enjoy Spring Fling, with its melding of lily of the valley, passion flower, honeysuckle, and freesia.

For the mom whose nose is always in a book
Out of Print

This is the mom who can often be found at the library or perusing the shelves at her local bookstore — she loves to read and doesn't care who knows it. The one thing she can't do with a book is wear it, which is where Out of Print comes in. This company puts beloved covers and characters on everything from t-shirts to tote bags — just a few examples are a cute Poky Little Puppy v-neck, a pair of Nancy Drew socks, and a Pride and Prejudice sweatshirt. Out of Print also supports literacy programs around the world, and has donated more than five million books to communities in need.

For the woman who is like a mom to you
Alex and Ani "Thanks a Bunch" bracelet, $44

Whether it's an aunt, cousin, mother-in-law, or close friend, she's the one who has become a motherly figure, and this bracelet conveys how much that relationship means to you. It features two charms: a bouquet of flowers and a double-sided message of gratitude that reads "Thanks A Bunch" on the front and "You Are Appreciated" on the back. The shiny silver bracelet is expandable from 2 inches to 3.5 inches, and comes in a gift box, making wrapping a breeze.


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