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The daily gossip: Tristan Thompson is sorry for having a child with another woman, Gal Gadot admits the 'Imagine' video was in 'poor taste,' and more

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Tristan Thompson apologizes to Khloé Kardashian after having a baby with another woman

Yep, Tristan, you are the father. NBA star Tristan Thompson has apologized to Khloé Kardashian after he said a paternity test confirmed he fathered a baby with another woman, Maralee Nichols. "I take full responsibility for my actions," Thompson wrote on Instagram. Thompson and Kardashian have a 3-year-old daughter together, and they broke up again in June after allegations he cheated on her with model Sydney Chase. Nichols alleged she and Thompson had an affair over five months but that she didn't realize he was in a relationship with Kardashian at the time, and she filed a lawsuit against him seeking child support. Thompson, who previously denied he was the father, apologized "to everyone I've hurt or disappointed throughout this ordeal." He also told Kardashian, whom he previously cheated on while she was pregnant, "You don't deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you." 


Gal Gadot admits her star-studded 'Imagine' video 'was in poor taste'

Imagine thinking a bunch of celebrities singing John Lennon is what the world wanted to see as the COVID-19 pandemic began. Yet Gal Gadot released such a video in March 2020 to widespread mockery, and she reflected on the backlash in a new conversation with InStyle. "[The video] was premature," Gadot said. "It wasn't the right timing, and it wasn't the right thing. It was in poor taste." The Wonder Woman star began her infamous Instagram video by saying "we're all in this together" amid the pandemic before a cavalcade of celebrities sang "Imagine," though it was almost universally panned as being completely out of touch and cringe-worthy. "All pure intentions," Gadot told InStyle, "but sometimes you don't hit the bull's-eye, right?" Well yeah, anyone who watched Wonder Woman 1984 could tell you that. 


'Morbius' has been delayed for the umpteenth time

Does Morbius actually exist? We'll have to wait even longer to find out now, as Sony has delayed the film yet again, this time from the end of January until April 1. Starring Jared Leto as the titular vampire from the Marvel comics, Morbius is the latest in Sony's series of Spider-Man films without Spider-Man, and it has faced repeated delays from its original summer 2020 release date. The trailer for Morbius came out in January 2020 — and to put that in perspective, ComicBook.com's Adam Barnhardt pointed out Spider-Man: No Way Home was filmed and released in the time since that footage came out. This latest delay was seemingly related to surging Omicron cases, though that hasn't stopped No Way Home from becoming one of the biggest movies of all time. Don't be surprised if Tom Holland squeezes in one or two more Spider-Man movies before Morbius actually comes out. 


Michael Keaton explains why he quit playing Batman

Michael Keaton is opening up about why he decided to hang up his Batman cowl as he's set to don it once more. The actor starred as Batman in Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns, but he didn't return for Batman Forever. In a new interview with In the Envelope: The Actor's Podcast, Keaton explained he clashed with Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher. "I remember one of the things that I walked away going, 'Oh boy, I can't do this,'" Keaton explained. "[Schumacher] asked me, 'I don't understand why everything has to be so dark and everything so sad,' and I went, 'Wait a minute, do you know how this guy got to be Batman? Have you read ... I mean, it's pretty simple.'" Keaton will return as Batman in this year's The Flash — and given the aggressively dark tone of the DC universe these days, it's safe to say Keaton's side of the argument won out. 


CNN isn't booting Andy Cohen for his drunk New Year's Eve slams

Who among us hasn't gotten wasted on New Year's Eve and ranted about Bill de Blasio and Ryan Seacrest? While hosting CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast, Watch What Happens Live's Andy Cohen ranted against outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), calling him a "horrible mayor." He also disparaged the competing ABC broadcast by mocking Ryan Seacrest's "group of losers that are performing behind us." This led Radar Online to claim Cohen wouldn't be invited back next year, but CNN is now denying that. Cohen "said something he shouldn't have on live TV," CNN said, but "we've addressed it with him and look forward to having him back again next year." Cohen expressed regret for the Seacrest comment, saying he "felt bad about" it and was just being "stupid and drunk," though he didn't take back his de Blasio slams. How long before Cohen's New Year's Eve show just evolves into a Ricky Gervais-style roast? 


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