The daily gossip: Cher is trying to volunteer at the post office, Mariah Carey is releasing 'The Rarities,' and more

Taylor Watson
Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for The Cher Show


Cher is trying to volunteer at the post office

Cher isn't strong enough to live without the Post Office, and she's evidently looking to help save it. The singer on Wednesday asked her Twitter followers if she could "volunteer at my post office," a question she later decided to just phone random post offices in Malibu to ask about, opening her calls with, "Hi, this is Cher." Apparently, a supervisor made the all-time great mistake of turning down her request. To that supervisor, yes, it turns out that call you received out of the blue from someone who claimed to be Cher was improbably not a prank. Either way, it looks like the campaign to make Cher the next postmaster general may have just begun. [Twitter, The Week]


Mariah Carey is ready to share 'The Rarities'

Try to contain your emotions, Lambs, Mariah Carey is coming to save us. After weeks of gracing fans with new content, including remix EPs and music videos, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of her debut album, Carey dropped a bombshell. The singer announced a new album of deep cuts, titled The Rarities, due out Oct. 2. The album is to thank fans "for years of pure love and support," she tweeted, and includes an unreleased track featuring Lauryn Hill, Billboard reports. The two-disc album also features live performances recorded at the Tokyo Dome. We may not be able to go to concerts, but Mariah always has our backs. [Billboard]


Pink shows off epic wakesurfing skills

Sure, Pink is a Grammy award-winning musician and has mastered the art of aerial acrobatics, but that's not all she can do. The singer revealed yet another talent when she shared an Instagram photo of herself wakesurfing (that's riding a boat's wake without using a rope), along with an on-brand body-positive caption: "I always wondered why God gave me thunder thighs. It's cause he knew I'd use them." She also shared an adorable video of husband Carey Hart wakesurfing with their son, who was simultaneously headbanging along to Lil John's "Turn Down For What." Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. [Instagram]


Joe Exotic's former zoo to become a film studio for Tiger King content

The zoo featured in Netflix's Tiger King has been shut down after its exhibitor license was suspended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Entertainment Weekly reports. But don't worry, the content will keep coming. According to the zoo's Facebook page, its "new park" will be a "private film set for Tiger King-related television content for cable and streaming services," for the foreseeable future. In March, one of the show's producers hinted at a second season. They have a "crazy amount of footage" that is "just as dramatic and just as colorful," as season one, but a lot of the story is still unfolding. No word yet on whether Nicolas Cage's portrayal of the zoo's former owner Joe Exotic will be shot at the "new park"/film set. [Entertainment Weekly]


Brad Pitt crushes our dreams by debunking rumors of co-starring with Harry Styles

Let's face it, it probably would have been too much to handle to see Brad Pitt and Harry Styles on the silver screen at the same time. International movie distributor Vértice Cine listed Pitt and Styles as cast members in a movie titled Faster, Cheaper, Better, InStyle reports, sending the rumor mill wild. The internet fell in love with the idea, but Pitt's reps denied it. According to Vértice Cine, the film is about the trucking industry and "artificial intelligence" that "transform[s] the world as we know it." A movie starring these two heartthrobs probably could have done the same. [InStyle]