The daily gossip: Kim Kardashian proves she only has 10 toes, Diana Riggs' costars remember her as an 'incredible talent', and more

Taylor Watson
Kim Kardashian.
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Kim Kardashian has a normal number of toes

Kim Kardashian is tired of the wild rumors and crazy conspiracy theories. She needs you to know she has exactly 10 toes, and took to her Instagram stories to prove it by counting each one. A sixth-toe rumor started when keen-eyed internet users noticed an extra section of skin beyond her pinky toe in photos. To them, Kim K says, "It's this part of my foot that when I wear a shoe just like this it like, smashes down right here and in a picture, I don't know why, that looks like a sixth toe." You can rest assured now that you've heard it straight from Kardashian's mouth: "I only have five toes on each foot." [Sky News]


Diana Riggs' costars remember her as an 'incredible talent'

The Avengers and James Bond actress Diana Rigg died at age 82 on Thursday, and her former Game of Thrones co-stars are paying tribute. Rigg starred as Thrones' Olenna Tyrell, and Jaime Lannister actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau remembered how she "always raised the bar with her incredible talent, intelligence and wit" and was an "absolute joy and honor to work with." Samwell Tarly actor John Bradley also said Rigg was "wonderful," while Oberyn Martell actor Pedro Pascal called her "the true queen of Westeros." Bond actor George Lazenby, who starred alongside Rigg in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, also honored her, writing, "As my new bride, Tracy Bond, I wept for her loss. Now, upon hearing of Dame Diana's death, I weep again." [Entertainment Weekly, Deadline]


Kobe Bryant crushed Kevin Hart's dream of playing professional basketball

A young Kevin Hart sold himself a dream of playing professional basketball, but that came crashing down when he attended basketball camp with Kobe Bryant, the comedian told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show. Once Hart saw how gifted Bryant was, he knew his dream was over. "Kobe Bryant showed me that I did not have talent in a game that I thought that I did," Hart admitted. Despite the dream-crushing, the two had "a blast" as roommates at the overnight camp, complete with late-night pranks and fighting with other campers. But it wasn't just Bryant's talent that dampened Hart's basketball dreams. "I stopped growing, Jimmy," 5-foot-4 Hart said. "If you want to be honest, that's one of the reasons." [People]


Anne Hathaway is in talks to star in a coronavirus rom-com

Thoughts of lockdown remind us of endless days inside, frightening news, and tremendous loss. Anne Hathaway might help change that, as she is in talks to star in a heist rom-com set during the coronavirus pandemic, titled Lockdown. One can only assume her character will be masked and socially distant, as Hathaway has used her Instagram to encourage followers to adhere to CDC recommendations — however, there's a heist involved, so her character might be a rule breaker. The film could begin shooting in London by the end of September, so Hathaway doesn't have much longer to master the art of masked up eye-acting. [People, Deadline]


Tina Fey crowns Mariah Carey the 'Michael Jordan of Mean Girls'

Mariah Carey saw Regina George wearing a crystal initial necklace, so she bought a crystal initial necklace. In the season two premiere of Billboard's Quizzed, Carey was tested on Mean Girls trivia by the writer of the 2004 film, Tina Fey. Carey got every single question correct, and even shared a fact Fey didn't remember: Carey's poster is hanging in one of the character's rooms. "When the movie was first released, I watched it literally every night," Carey explains. But one aspect of the 2004 film that always bothered the singer was that The Plastics sing "Jingle Bell Rock" at their talent show, rather than Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You." Fey said if Carey offers licensing, they might change it for the next movie adaptation. [Billboard]