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Trump reportedly has a lot of executive time on his hands

Former President Donald Trump's post-presidential daily routine sounds a lot like the one he had while living in the White House, an excerpt from Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker's upcoming book I Alone Can Fix It suggests.

Back when Trump was in office, he was known for starting his official day later in the morning around 11 a.m. Before that hour, Axios reported in 2018, he would mostly be alone in his residence watching television and scrolling through Twitter. After a few meetings, he would usually head back to the residence around 6 p.m. for some phone calls and turn on the news again.

Nowadays, Trump reportedly still gets swept away by the 24-hour news cycle and spends his mornings at Mar-a-Lago in his "private quarters watching television and making private phone calls to allies and friends," Leonnig and Rucker report (there's no Twitte these days, however). Trump will often then go play a round of golf at one of his clubs in the area. He was well-known for hitting the links as commander-in-chief, reportedly spending 307 days on a course during his term. 

After golf, Trump reportedly later puts on a suit and applies makeup in the afternoon before heading out to meet with politicians or operatives who have made the trip to Palm Beach to meet with him. As Leonnig and Rucker put it, " by early 2021, Trump had turned his club into a political base camp for his potential comeback," though he didn't tell the journalists whether he's planning to launch another campaign. Read the full book excerpt at Vanity Fair.