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Iranian journalist said details of kidnapping plot were 'shocking'

Brooklyn-based, Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad, who says she was the victim of a kidnapping plot allegedly orchestrated by the Iranian government (the U.S. government has confirmed the plot, but has not revealed the victim's name), said Wednesday on CNN's New Day that the details the FBI shared with her on Tuesday night were "shocking." 

"[The alleged kidnappers] were following me to grab me to take me to a boat [that was headed to] Venezuela," Alinejad told host John Berman. 

Alinejad also divulged that, a few months ago, the FBI showed her that whoever was tailing her had been close enough to take photos of her, her family, and their home. That's when she began to take the threat seriously. "When I saw the pictures of myself, I got goosebumps," she said. "I was watering my sunflowers."

Despite learning about the danger she was allegedly in, Alinejad said she has no plans to stop her activism against the Iranian regime. "I will stop my activities the day the Iranian people stop saying 'no' to the Islamic Republic," she said.