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Federal agents search Trump DOJ official's home

Federal agents on Wednesday searched the home of former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, who worked closely with former President Donald Trump to challenge the results of the 2020 election, ABC News reports Thursday.

Clark's current employer confirmed the search, writing in a message that agents led the ex-official out of his house in the early morning and "took his electronic devices." Clark was still in his pajamas, the employer added, per The Washington Post.

It's currently unclear which federal agencies spearheaded the search.

Clark, his work challenging the 2020 election, and an unsuccessful alleged plan to appoint him as acting attorney general so he could investigate unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud dominated much of Thursday's Jan. 6 hearing, and several witnesses commented on the former official's lack of qualifications for the job.

"Best I can tell is the only thing you know about environmental and elections challenges is they both start with 'E.' And based on your answers tonight, I'm not even certain you know that," White House lawyer Eric Herschmann testified before the committee, describing a comment he made to Clark, an environmental lawyer, on Jan. 3, 2021.

Clark had wanted to send a letter to Georgia election officials falsely claiming the DOJ had "identified significant concerns" affecting the state's election results, but acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen, a witness at Thursday's hearing, refused to comply.

Richard Donoghue, another senior DOJ official who resisted pressure to investigate fraud allegations, and Steven Engel, a department official who cautioned Trump against replacing Rosen, also appeared Thursday.