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Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel have a good laugh at Trump's 'Toiletwatergate' clogging scandal

We already knew that former President Donald trump "had a habit of tearing up the documents at the White House," Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday's Kimmel Live. "Well, the papyrus has thickened, because according to a book written by the highly esteemed Maggie Haberman of The New York Times, the White House engineer — who's kind of the White House plumber, I guess — would frequently be called in to unclog the president's toilet, because he had a habit of flushing papers down it, for real."

Trump denied the clogged-toilet story from "Mar-a-Clogo," calling it "categorically untrue and simply made up" to sell books, Kimmel said. But added to all of Trump's other document mishandling, "how great would it be if this is what finally brings Trump down, toilet water? It's Toiletwatergate, is what it is."

Haberman also reported that Trump has kept in touch with North Korea's dictator, and "you know, I had a feeling this would happen," Kimmel laughed. "He held Kim Jong Un's hand more than Melania's over the four years he was president. It's weird to think that the relationship between Kim and Trump could last longer than Kim and Kanye."

Yes, "according to reports, Trump would rip up papers after he read them" and "he took boxes of material with him to Mar-a-Lago," but flushing them down the toilet is "the most Trump thing that he possibly could have done with some of these documents," Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show. The National Archives has asked the Justice Department to investigate Trump's habitual mishandling of official documents, he added, and "at this point I'm wondering if there are any laws that Trump hasn't broken. Like, if there was a Guinness Book of World Records for crime, he'd probably steal the book."

Still, "I know it's easy for us to all go, 'Trump was trying to obstruct justice!'" Noah said. But remember, there was a toilet paper shortage at the start of the pandemic, "and I don't know about you guys, but when there's no toilet paper, state documents start to look mighty tempting. It also does explain why Trump was always complaining about toilets," he added, playing some clips. "I mean, everyone assumed he was a man who clogged the White House toilets, but no one ever thought we'd have to ask the question: 'But with what?'"