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Biden: Infrastructure, spending bills are not about 'moderate versus progressive'

President Biden took a trip to a union training center in Michigan on Tuesday to garner more backing for his bipartisan infrastructure package and embattled social spending proposal, telling constitutents that "to support these investments is to create a rising America, an America that's moving," reports Bloomberg.

While speaking, Biden also took aim at those who oppose his economic agenda, and assured voters these bills are not about the Democratic infighting that's making headlines. 

"These bills are not about left versus right, or moderate versus progressive, or anything that pits Americans against one another," Biden said. "These bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. They're about opportunity versus decay. They're about leading the world, or continuing to let the world pass us by."

"To oppose these investments is to be complicit in America's decline," he added.

The president also argued America is "at an inflection point," and at risk of "losing our edge as a nation." As he put it, the Build Back Better Agenda is a chance to "pursue a broader vision." Meanwhile, the fate of both the bipartisan infrastructure package and Democratic spending bill remains in flux as the party argues over the top-line number and final framework of the latter. This Michigan trip was reportedly "a chance to reset the narrative and focus attention" on the benefits of the proposals rather than that aforementioned intra-party sparring, per Bloomberg.

The bottom line, per Biden? Both bills are "positioning our country to compete in the world."