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White House memo details Biden's planned pre-midterms messaging

A new White House memo shared first with Axios delineates President Biden's planned, pre-midterms message for the month of August.

Burdened by rampant inflation, an issue on which the GOP will surely capitalize, Biden will instead celebrate his and Democrats' recent slew of "legislative victories on climate change, gun control and drug pricing as a win for Americans and a defeat for special interests," Reuters summarizes, per the memo from White House officials Kate Bedingfield and Anita Dunn.

Meanwhile, the president plans to travel around the country to get his message across and hopefully position Democrats as a party for the working class, rather than one of economic and political elite. Once the Inflation Reduction Act is signed into law, Biden, Vice President Harris and other prominent administration officials will promote the idea that "the President and Congressional Democrats beat the special interests and delivered what was best for the American people," the memo states.

"Every step of the way, Congressional Republicans sided with the special interests — pushing an extreme MAGA agenda that costs families," the document continues, further outlining the planned messaging. "This is the choice before the American people."