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Former National Security Council official condemns Afghanistan withdrawal as a 'Trump-style process'

As the United States' chaotic and tragic Afghanistan withdrawal continues, Brett Bruen, a former U.S. diplomat and ex-director for global engagement at the National Security Council, called out the haphazard exit operation as one harkening back to the previous administration.

America's withdrawal has been a "Trump-style process which we expected [the NSC] to avoid," Bruen told The Independent. He attributed the fallout to a "dearth of institutional expertise" at the NSC, which he said is what happens when "you put a bunch of political appointees into positions where you ought to have those with recent relevant experience advising the president." "They're not in the room," he claimed. "They're not being heard."

The "packed" National Security Council is therefore full of "people all cut from the same cloth," Bruen purported. It's a mistake he said both Biden and other recent administrations have made. "They drink too much of the same Kool-Aid, and then they wonder why things go wrong." Read more at The Independent