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New Orleans won't fully get power back until next week

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida slamming Louisiana, the New Orleans area isn't expected to fully get power back until next week. 

The utility company Entergy on Friday released restoration estimates following Hurricane Ida that showed certain areas around New Orleans wouldn't see power completely  restored for another five days, The New York Times reports. Entergy listed Orleans Parish, New Orleans East, Algiers, Westbank, and Metairie-Kenner with a power restoration estimate of Sept. 8. Other areas were expected to have power restored by Friday, and the company said "many customers" may get power back earlier than estimated. 

"We understand the extreme difficulty of living without power, and hope that these estimated times of restoration can help customers better plan and prepare for the coming days, and for those in the hardest-hit areas, weeks ahead," Entergy's Rod West said.

All of New Orleans was without power on Sunday due to "catastrophic transmission damage" caused by Hurricane Ida, and Entergy had previously warned that some within the storm's direct path could potentially be without power for three weeks. About 225,000 customers in Louisiana have had their power restored since the storm hit, Entergy said. But the company said that a damage assessment showed the storm left over 14,000 poles damaged or destroyed, as well as more than 2,200 damaged or destroyed transformers, and more than 150 transmission structures were destroyed.