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more pillows, more problems

Mike Lindell and 10K of his MyPillows weren't allowed to enter Canada to support protesting truckers

Stauch supporter of former President Donald Trump and businessman Mike Lindell may have been crying into his MyPillow Tuesday night, after he and a truck chock full of his aforementioned infomercial sleep accessories were denied entry into Canada, the National Post and The Independent report. 

Lindell was reportedly on his way to distribute "pillows and Bibles" to the truckers protesting Canada's COVID-19 restrictions, writes the Independent. The MyPillow CEO and an accompanying videographer were later stopped at the Port Huron-Sarnia border crossing, and Lindell was reportedly turned back because he was not fully vaccinated and did not bring a negative PCR test with him.

Meanwhile, a MyPillow truck loaded with over 10,000 MyPillows (including 1,000 "Bible pillows" for children) was intercepted before crossing the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario, reports the National Post. That vehicle was turned back because the driver also did not bring a negative PCR test, per a Canadian government official.

Guess the thousands of pillows were just taking up too much room!