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Istanbul police targeted by suicide bomber in second attack in a week

In the second attack on Istanbul police in the last week, a female suicide bomber blew herself up inside a police station in Turkey's largest city Tuesday. One police officer was killed and another was wounded in the attack, which occurred in the tourist-favored Sultan Ahmet district.

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Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin told reporters that the woman had entered the station on the pretense of having lost her wallet. He also said she had spoken English, though her nationality is unknown. She has not been identified.

Last Thursday, a man armed with a pistol and a rifle threw a hand grenade at police, in an area just minutes from the Turkish prime minister's office in Istanbul. When the grenade did not explode, the suspect reportedly tried to shoot at officers, but his gun misfired. He was quickly overpowered and taken into custody. The Revolutionary People's Liberation Party, a Marxist extremist group, took responsibility for the failed attack.