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An Audi A7 drove itself from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Jack — also known as Audi's self-driving A7 prototype — arrived safely in Las Vegas Monday afternoon, after driving all the way from San Francisco with minimal assistance.

The Audi took the 550-mile journey in order to attend the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show. The car is equipped with several radar sensors, and is able to accelerate and brake on its own, as well as change lanes and overtake other vehicles, Digital Spy reports. There aren't any surprises, either, as a screen shows the driver what maneuvers the car will take.

It does need some assistance while in urban areas, and if the vehicle starts to go faster than 70 mph, it will notify the driver; if the person doesn't respond, the car will stop and activate its hazard lights. Audi said it will release a driverless car to the public by 2016, and recently showed off its R7 concept driverless vehicle at a German racetrack. --Catherine Garcia