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A Day That Lives in Infamy

Pearl Harbor survivors gather 73 years later

Of the nine remaining survivors of the USS Arizona, four gathered at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Sunday to mark 73 years since the attack.

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All of the men are in their 90s, and each one agreed that this wouldn't be their last reunion. "We've still got time to go," Louis Conter, 93, of Grass Valley, California, told The Associated Press.

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They could still vividly remember the events of Dec. 7, 1941: John Anderson, 97, of Roswell, New Mexico, recalled leaving church and heading to breakfast when someone announced that planes were headed their way; his twin brother ended up dying in the attack. Donald Stratton, 92, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was one of just a few who survived in the area he was in, though he was burned on over 65 percent of his body. "It's always like yesterday when we're out here," Conter said. --Catherine Garcia