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Polish council bans Winnie the Pooh from playground for being a pantsless 'hermaphrodite'

Winnie the Pooh may seem like a harmless enough character, but one Polish council has some strong opinions about why the yellow bear isn't welcome on a local playground.

During a council meeting in the town of Tuszyn — some of which was recorded in a leaked tape — the council said that Pooh's "dubious sexuality" isn't appropriate for children. Some of the council members also called Pooh a "hermaphrodite."

The council had some remarkably strong opinions about the bear: One council member said that Winnie the Pooh is "an alcoholic and a liar," because he "walks around with no underwear and has cut off his testicles."

A survey of local residents, however, revealed that citizens aren't nearly as concerned with Winnie the Pooh's sexuality as the council is. "Winnie the Pooh was a bear with low intellect, and unfortunately, this is also evident in those who are concerned with this topic," one respondent told Polish news program TTV.