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German potato growers release sexy pin-up calendar

German potato growers release sexy pin-up calendar

It's that time again, for novelty calendars of the coming new year — and no calendar is quite like Germany's "Heisse Kartoffel" ("Hot Potato"), which features photos of barely-dressed women and piles of spuds.

Released by the Bavarian Farmers Association for the third year in a row, the calendar features models "with a family connection to farming, and among them is Bavaria's current reigning 'Potato Queen', Kathrin Schoderer," The Telegraph reports.

The cover shows three women reclining on a bed of freshly harvested potatoes in their underwear, while February's model appears topless on a bed of crisps. August's model sits half-dressed against a barn door, with sacks of potatoes artfully arranged to protect her modesty. October's stands astride a potato sorting machine in a ripped T-shirt, winking suggestively at the camera. [The Telegraph]

"After the great success of the last two years we were left no choice but to hang the calendar up again," Bavarian Potato CEO Johann Graf even added — and that's no chive. --Eric Kleefeld