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Bloomberg lawyers snatch up domain names like 'Bloombergistooshort.nyc'

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg may not be on the ballot today, but his team has been doing some preemptive damage control anyway. From the New York Post:

A law firm representing former mayor Michael Bloomberg bought up hundreds of Web site names for the new .nyc domain, apparently to prevent cyber punks from creating embarrassing sites such as BloombergBlows.nyc, MikeBloombergisaDweeb.nyc, BloombergMoron.nyc, MrBloombergSucks.nyc, and Bloombergistoorich.com, according to DomainNameWire.com. [New York Post]

The Post estimates that the Bloomberg camp will spend between $10,000 and $16,000 per year on the 400-plus sites, which sadly include specific names like Bloombergisashortjew.nyc, Bloombergistooshort.nyc, and amigosdeBloomberg.nyc.