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Archaeologists discover Peruvian stone that could rival famous 12-Angle Stone

Sorry, Cusco.

Peru's Ministry of Culture announced this week that archaeologists have discovered a stone at the Inkawasi archaeological site with 13 angles — one more than the country's famed 12-Angle Stone, the Peruvian Times reports.

Researchers studying a part of the Inca road network found the meticulously cut stone fitted into the site's irrigation system. Andean civilizations stretching back to the Incas have valued water sources as sacred, and Inkawasi was considered especially important because of its location, which is at the beginning of the river that supplies the Huaytara valley with water.

The new find has not officially out-angled Peru's original famous stone just yet. The 12-Angle Stone is located in the ruins of Hatunrumiyoc Palace, a fixture in a wall pieced carefully together that showcases the Incas' masonry skills.