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Extra who leaked Batman v. Superman spoilers could be fined $5 million

Details about the upcoming superhero blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice are being guarded as closely as any superhero's secret identity — but that didn't stop someone from risking a hefty $5 million fine just to spoil the film for everybody.

On condition of anonymity, the source — reportedly an extra on the film — told Detroit's WILX-10 several previously unrevealed details about Batman v. Superman, including the specifics of a climactic fight scene and the identity of the actress cast to play a major supporting character. (If you're fine with being spoiled, click over to The Wrap — but don't say we didn't warn you.)

The leak is a blatant violation of Batman v. Superman's strict confidentiality agreement, which everyone who works on the film is required to sign (and which, if violated, carries an automatic $5 million penalty).

Thanks to some Batman-level investigating, the "anonymous" source may not stay anonymous for long; Slashfilm reports that Warner Bros. is already preparing to launch a lawsuit over the leak.